Thursday, August 19, 2010

N3II: Ninety Nine Nights Review

I will start off with the faults the storyline is just dumb and far from original but honestly its a hack n slash if you want a good story game play an rpg next fault not much variety in levels theres about 7-8 unique stages which all characters share 5 playable characters by the way all the characters storylines directly tie into eachother so you play a stage with one person then you pick another character and play basically the same stage from there point of view i actually didnt really mind the repeating levels there was always some unique twist that the particular character you were playing as has over the previous character but the landscapes did get a little dull 3-4 times through but the constant enemy attacks will keep you pretty occupied lastly it is one of the more difficult hank n slash games ive played to date new players or casual gamers might have a rough time of it there is an easy mode but... really whats the point also its a pretty unforgiving game when it comes to check points now for the highlights there are 5 playable characters each with less then 10 missions however the difficulty and the sure length of the levels themselves makes for a fun ride if your really good and dont do too much training you can probably clear one characters campaign in 12 hrs or so took me 15 but i trained ALOT abilities are quite unique and satisfying to use most combo to increase a certain effect and all abilities are interchangeable as soon as you unlock them you can use them on any of the 5 characters each character has their own element you can work off and also weapons that increase those effects well thats about it its a hack n slash its an extreme button masher and its fun theres always something satisfying when you can cut down hundreds of enemies in a single blow i give it a 7 and recommended to any hardcore hack n slash fan.

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